Yang Loses His Life Due to Karmic Retribution

Yang Loses His Life Due to Karmic Retribution
In Susong County, Anhui Province, there is a story passed down through generations about someone surnamed Yang, who received karmic retribution for committing sexual assault.
During the Qing Dynasty, a person surnamed Yang lived in Susong. He was well-respected as a talented and knowledgeable person. Most people expected him to do well in the imperial civil service exams and then become an official in the royal court.
Yang believed in divine beings and worshipped them regularly. One night he had a dream in which a god gave him the seal of an official. Yang interpreted the dream to mean that the gods favored him to become a government official, and he was convinced that the event would take place that year. He became very proud and lost control of his sense of right and wrong. One night he forced himself upon an innocent woman.
After he took the imperial civil service exams, he had another dream in which the same god appeared to reclaim the seal. He said to the god, "You gave me the seal, so why are you now taking it back?" The god said, "Not only do I want the seal back, but I also want your life because you assaulted an innocent woman on a certain date at a certain location. How could you be at peace after committing such a crime?" In less than a month, Mr. Yang died an unnatural death.
In the eyes of gods, sexual assault is an extremely serious crime. Not only do people need to respect the gods, they must also meet the moral standards set by the gods.

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