A Treacherous Imperial Court Official Condemned by History (2/2)
A Treacherous Imperial Court Official Condemned by History (2/2)

Toward the end of the year, Qin Hui and his followers still could not convict Yue Fei of any wrongdoing even though they had exhausted all schemes and torture methods. Judicial administrators of the imperial court, Li Ruopu and He Chanyou, and deputy judicial administrator Xue Renfu all believed that Yue Fei was innocent, but they were all banished by Qin Hui. Whoever spoke up for Yue Fei would be persecuted; Liu Yunsheng, a common person, appealed for Yue Fei, and for that he was executed.
Han Shizhong, a general, felt Yue Fei was unfairly treated and challenged Qin Hui in person. Qin couldn't come up with a convincing answer and instead he said, "Although the letter that Yue Fei and Yue Yun wrote to Zhang Xian could not be verified, it probably existed."
General Han retorted, "How could the words 'it probably existed' convince people!"
On the last day of the year when snow flakes were dancing around, Qin Hui and his wife were drinking in their room. Qin's heart was heavy because he wanted Yue Fei dead and yet he didn't have any evidence to convict him. Wang, Qin's wife, who had been urging Qin to kill Yue Fei every day, encouraged her husband, "It's easier to bind a tiger than to let it go." On his wife's prompt, Qin thought he could wait no longer. He sent a note to the prison officer, telling him to quietly have Yue Fei killed in his cell. On January 27, 1142 AD, Yue Fei was secretly killed in Fengboting in Hangzhou City. Along with Yue Fei, his son Yue Yun and general Zhang Xian were also murdered. The whole nation was in tears! Thus the treacherous imperial court official Qin Hui and his wife committed in conspiracy one of the most outrageous crimes of all ages that caused wrath from both man and heaven.
One day Qin Hui and his family were touring the West Lake. He suddenly saw a giant talking to him sternly, "You persecuted faithful and upright people; the crimes you committed are so heinous that you should be torn to pieces!" Not long after he returned home, he started to suffer gangrene on his back.
Qin continued to rain false accusations onto good and faithful people such as Han Shizhong, Zhang Xin, Zhang Zhongxian, Hu Wending, and so on. He started drafting indictments with the intention to have them all thrown into jail. That's what that did him in! As he was writing, he suddenly felt dizzy and saw that a deity knocked him over with a hammer. The deity said, "You've committed enough crimes and are near death. And yet you still have the audacity to bring harm to good people!" "Please, spare my life!" Qin yelled in a cold sweat.
When the indictment document drafted on his instructions by the Judicial Office of the imperial court was brought to Qin Hui for his approval, his hands trembled so hard that he could not write a single word. The moment he closed his eyes he would see the deity closing in on him with the hammer held high. A few days later he died of gangrene. Moments before his death, people near him all heard him crying out for help and the sound of iron chains. His son, Qin Xi, died too.
He Li, one of Qin's aides, went southeast for an errand and in a moment of trance entered the netherworld. There he saw Qin Xi in chains and asked, "Where is my boss?" In tears, Qin Xi replied that he was in Fengdu. He Li moved on following Qin Xi's directions, and indeed saw Qin Hui and Mo Qixie in Fengdu. Both Qin and Mo were in cuffs and chains and were in excruciating pain from torture. Qin said to He, "Tell my wife that retribution has begun for what we did to Yue Fei."
Since her husband's death, Wang had never been at ease. One day word came that five hundred thousand Jin troops led by Jin Wuzhu stormed into the central plains. Wang thought, Yue Fei's dead now, the Song Dynasty is about to fall, so I'll surrender to Jin Wuzhu and I may be granted some title and wealth. But then she was informed by He Li that retribution had started for her conspiracy with her husband against Yue Fei. She faintly saw Qin Hui in chains and it scared her to no end. She also saw ghostly guards approaching her, hammers and chains in hands, and then she was hit and fell to the ground. People outside her room heard her calling for help, and when they rushed into the room they found her dead.
Yue Fei's reputation was cleared under Emperor Xiaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty. Yue Fei, a real man who was faithful to his belief, loyal to his country, and loving to the people, became an immortal hero. People of later generations built a tomb and a temple at the West Lake, Hangzhou City, to forever commemorate him. In the center of the temple stands a statue of Yue Fei in armor, and above his head hangs a plate that reads “Return my rivers and mountains.” In front of his tomb, raw iron statues of Qin Hui, his wife, Mo Qixie, and Zhang Jun, are on their knees, surrounded by iron fences, their chests and shoulders bare and their hands bound behind their backs, bearing the spurns and scolds from people for generations to come. The inscription on the tombstone reads “The green mountain is fortunate to bury the bones of a loyal man; the white iron is innocent enough to mold treacherous officials.”
Over the past hundreds of years, people's hatred for the treacherous imperial court officials has only deepened. The kneeling statues have more than once been broken by angry crowds, and then been rebuilt only for people to vent their indignation. Qin Hui, the giant fool of a treacherous official, has been nailed on the column of shame in history, and he will be spurned forever and condemned by history.
A poem reads:
Scheming and wielding unrestrained power with arrogance,
Yet it is fleeting as if melting ice.
The gods strike at the brink of death,
Heaven's Way will never forget

一代权奸 千古罪人 (2/2)


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