Businessman Who Aims for Little Profit Becomes an Immortal
When Li Jue was 15, his father handed him the keys to the family business and moved away. Overnight, Li became the owner of a grain trading business.

While many businessmen would do anything to turn a profit, Li chose not to; instead, he was a conscientious and selfless man.

Whenever his customers came to make a purchase, Li would hand them the measuring vessels and let them measure the amount they needed.
The fluctuation of the grain prices didn’t matter to him – neither did profits, really, so it seemed. Li only made a few cents off of every 10 liters of rice, and he used most of that money to support his parents.

Strangely enough, he still somehow had enough money left over for his family to live an abundant life. They never wanted for anything.

One day, his father asked him how business was going.

「Most people in the grain business cheat with their measuring vessels,」 his father said. 「When they buy grain, they intentionally use a bigger vessel so that they can get more grain for the price. When they sell grain, they use a smaller vessel so their customers get less for the price.」

He continued, 「Though government officials examine and calibrate the vessels twice a year, they really can't do much to stop this practice.」
「I thought I was better than them because I used the same sized vessel to buy and sell grain, but you – you let the customers do their own measuring. You are the better man,」 said Li's father. 「Yet, even though you do that, you still make a good living. The gods must have blessed you for your kindness.」

Li continued doing business into his eighties. When he was well over 100, he was still healthy and mentally sound.

One day, he gathered all his children around him.

「I have lived for a very long time. Though I have cultivated my energy, I am of no benefit to you all here,」 he said.

Li died soon after that. Three days later, people heard a cracking sound from his coffin. They opened it to see that his body had somehow disappeared, leaving his clothes behind.

Li had left and become an immortal.

Jesus said that it was difficult for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God. The ancient Chinese also believed that it was hard for businessmen to attain the Tao. However, Li’s story tells us that it is not an impossible feat, so long as one has a righteous heart and virtuous behavior.

李珏卖粮 升斗交给买主自量 终得仙位



后来,他的父母都亡故了。直到李珏活到八十多岁,也没改变他的职业。李珏活到一百多岁,身体非常轻健。他忽然告诉子孙们说:「我活在世上多年,虽然我自己修养真气,对你们也没有好处。」一天晚上他就死了。三天之后,他的棺材有裂开的声音。一看,他的衣带没解,象蝉蜕一样, 身体已经飞升成仙去了。


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