Yue Yun: Loyal, Courageous, Kind and Devoted; His Name Lasts Forever (1 of 2)

Yue Yun: Loyal, Courageous, Kind and Devoted; His Name Lasts Forever (1 of 2)
Yue Yun (1119 – 1142 AD), courtesy name Ying Xiang, art name Huiqing, was Yue Fei's eldest son. He was a loyal, courageous, kind and devoted young general rarely seen in the history of China. He held great aspirations from a very young age. He wanted to be like his father and serve the country loyally. He was intelligent, righteous, and successful in many military endeavors. At the age of twenty-three, Yue Yun and his father were framed and killed by the cunning minister, Qin Hui. With his pure heart and righteous spirit, Yue Yun is being remembered as a courageous Chinese patriot.
Yue Yun was seven years old when Yue Fei left home to defend the country against the Jin army. The county magistrate and many town residents gathered to see Yue Fei off. Yue Yun also rushed there. When Yue Fei saw his son, he asked “Why are you here?” Yue Yun said, "I heard in school that people had gathered to see you off. Where are you going? And what are you going to do?" Yue Fei replied, "I thought that since you are young, you would be heartbroken if you were told. Now, since you are here, I will tell you. I was summoned by the new Emperor to destroy the Jin army and to protect our country. You need to show filial piety to your grandmother, respect your mother, take care of your siblings, and study diligently." Yue Yun replied, "Yes father, I will follow your words. Please do not destroy the entire Jin army. Please leave half of them for me to destroy." Yue Fei said, "Nonsense! Go home now!" Since Yue Yun was still a young boy, he did not take the separation that seriously. He bowed to his father and went home cheerfully.
Yue Yun remembered his father's words and showed filial piety to the elderly, took care of his younger siblings, studied hard and practiced martial arts every day. He was very intelligent. When he was twelve, several teachers resigned as he had grown beyond their knowledge. Yue Yun followed Yue Fei's study curriculum on his own and learned every single military strategy from the books. He was very enthusiastic about practicing martial arts. He once dreamed that two generals were teaching him how to use double maces and sensed he had known how to face with a mace before. He found a blacksmith to make a pair of silver maces that weighted around forty-nine kgs. He loved carrying them around and practiced diligently.
One day, someone reported that 5,000 enemy soldiers were on their way to take Yue Fei's family hostage to force Yue Fei to surrender. No one knew what to do. Yue Yun said to his grandmother and mother, "Do not despair! I'm going to defeat them now." His grandmother said, "What do you know? How can a young boy like you boast about something like this!" Yue Yun replied, "If I cannot defeat them, you can still escape." He then led soldiers of the family and other villagers to confront the enemy. The enemy's general, Xue Li Hua Bao, fought Yue Yun. He thought Yue Yun was young and did not expect him to be deft and quick. Before he could strike Yue Yun with his knife, Yue Yun had already struck him off his horse. The deputy general, Zhang Zhaonu was alarmed and charged at Yue Yu with his ax. Yue Yun used one mace to ward off the ax, and the other mace to attack. Zhang Zhaonu could not avoid the mace and died. Upon seeing the death of their commanders, the enemy turned and fled. Yue Yun returned to the village victoriously.
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