A Discussion of “Righteousness” (Part 2)


A Discussion of “Righteousness” (Part 2)
Humankind has always yearned for goodness. In May 1992, Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) was spread to the secular world. People recognized that the teachings were of high morality. It brought health and wellness to practitioners, and taught people to be good and moral. It spread very quickly in China. In just a few years, practitioners were seen in parks, public plazas, and school playgrounds across the nation. Practitioners talked about being virtuous in life, at work, and in the society. They put others before themselves, and let go of selfishness and the pursuit for personal gain. They were not attached to fame and conducted themselves according to the principles of Dafa.
Millions of people believed in “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and conducted themselves righteously. This became a force that raised people's morality and conscience, and stabilized society. This would be a positive thing for any government or nation. However, the CCP is truly an evil existence. Jiang Zemin, the previous head of the CCP, became jealous of Falun Gong's influence. In 1999, he initiated the brutal persecution of Falun Gong and its practitioners.
The first thing the CCP did was to “expose and criticize.” They forced practitioners to betray their beliefs and to write a guarantee statement promising to quit the practice. If they refused, the CCP would do anything to “ruin their reputation, torture them physically, and bankrupt them financially.” The CCP also fabricated lies to deceive the world, such as the Tiananmen Square “self-immolation” hoax, the alleged “1,400 deaths from not taking medicine,” “Psychotic Killer Fu Yibin,” and others.
Under the suppressive and life-threatening harsh environment, millions of practitioners chose to do the right thing, to let go of self and uphold righteousness. They are not afraid of the totalitarian regime, continuing to inform people the truth about Falun Gong throughout the persecution over the past nineteen years. They have conducted themselves with compassion and have warned the Chinese people that one day “heaven will eliminate the CCP.” They have encouraged people to quit the CCP and be good people. They have revived the ancient Chinese tradition of being righteous.
People are gradually seeing the evil nature of the CCP. More than 315 million Chinese have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. More and more people are supporting Falun Gong.
A Village Official Declines to Participate in the Persecution
There is a village CCP secretary who has a high reputation in the local government as well as in his village. When I talked with him about the corruption of the CCP and the dilemma many village officials face, he also felt very pained. Regarding how to handle the issue from upper leadership, he said, “To be a good village official, you have to think carefully and you cannot follow the CCP on the dark road to hell.”
I asked him what he thought about those in the village who practice Falun Gong. He said, “Living in the same village, people are all very close to each other. Why bother them? When the upper leadership inquires, it's easy to just protect the people who practice Falun Gong and not report them. A party secretary of the neighboring village had a Falun Gong practitioner sentenced to several years in prison. Can you imagine what the villagers think of this party secretary? Besides, the people who practice Falun Gong all have good reputations in our village. Isn't hurting them the same as doing a bad deed?”
Village Official Protects a Falun Gong Practitioner
In a village, people are very close to each other. Everyone knows about what has happened in each family, what kind of people they are, and who has done bad things, etc. When it comes to protecting Falun Gong practitioners, some village officials indeed show their sense of righteousness.
One day, an officer from the local police station asked a village secretary to take him to a Falun Gong practitioner's home. The secretary asked, “What do you want to see him for?” The police said, “Just to have a look.” The official said, “Just to have a look? What's there to look at? Is it so simple?” The police faltered, “I have to get him to make a statement and provide a signature.” The village official stood there saying, “What statement? What signature? I tell you that he is the best person in our village, and he is a very kind person. I will make the statement on behalf of him. You are not allowed to even enter his home. You can decide what to do about the signature. If you dare to come to my village again to do this kind of deed, don't blame me for not being polite.” After saying this, the secretary turned around and left. The police stood there in awkwardness for a long time and finally had to leave too. Ever since then, no one else has come to bother this Falun Gong practitioner.
There is a saying about the State of Qin over two thousand years ago: “To please the State of Qin with your land is as if trying to extinguish fire with wood. The fire won't be extinguished until the wood is burned.” It means that as long as you own a square inch of land, the tyrannical Qin will continue to attack your land. The CCP is the same. After it took the land from the landlords, and property from the capitalists, it continues to take, little by little, a person's life and destroys his morality. The CCP will never become good. The only choice for the Chinese people is to quit the CCP, and that is the righteous choice.
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亿万信仰“真、善、忍”的民众重德重义做好人,成为社会道德快速回升的中坚力量,成为社会稳定的基石,对于任何国家、政府都是求之不得的大好事。可是中共就是一个彻头彻尾的邪恶, 1999年,以中共党魁江泽民为首的中共悍然发动对法轮功及其学员的迫害。
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